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Alaska Bar Association

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Created in 1896, the Alaska Bar Association was established to both benefit and regulate the lawyers of Alaska. As the mandatory bar association for the state, membership with the Alaska Bar Association is restricted to only lawyers that are licensed to practice in Alaska.

The Alaska Bar Association focuses on ensuring that the legal profession maintains a high level of professional integrity. The first way that the Alaska Bar Association controls the quality of the state’s legal community is by being in charge of the admission process for the licensing of lawyers in Alaska and administering the state’s bar exam. Another important way that the Alaska Bar Association oversees the practice of law in Alaska is through enforcing the state’s rules of professional conduct and disciplining the lawyers that violate these rules.

The Alaska Bar Association facilitates networking and community strengthening for its members through a variety activities. Attorneys belonging to the Alaska Bar Association can network with others in the same legal field by participating in the Alaska Bar Association’s law practice sections, such as the Alaska Native Law section and the corporate counsel section. The Alaska Bar Association hosts a number of events at which its members can socialize with one another, such as brown bag lectures on different topics related to Alaska.

Members of the Alaska Bar Association have access to several useful tools and programming that the association offers to enhance their professional lives. Lawyers belonging to the Alaska Bar Association can use its online bulletin board to obtain, lease, and sell various goods that are related to the practice of law, including desks and office space. The Alaska Bar Association offers its members numerous ways in which they can learn more about different legal topics, including continuing legal education DVDs and educational live program webcasts.

Residents that do not work in the legal profession are also receive a number of benefits from the Alaska Bar Association’s efforts. The Alaska Bar Association provides comprehensive explanations of a client’s responsibilities and rights on its website. Low-income Alaskan residents can find a pro bono legal assistance provider that meets their needs by looking at the descriptions of different Alaska-based pro bono legal services programs listed online by the Alaska Bar Association.

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