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Anchorage Bar Association

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The Anchorage Bar Association exists for the benefits of Anchorage’s legal community. The main goals of the Anchorage Bar Association are to enhance the professional lives of its members, improve the reputation of the legal profession in Anchorage, foster a collegial environment among its members and within the local legal community, benefit the general public, and advance the professional interests of its members within society. Although full membership is only open to lawyers working in the Anchorage region, other legal professional are permitted to join as affiliates.

There are many benefits that Anchorage Bar Association offers as a part of membership. For example, attorneys belonging to the Anchorage Bar Association enjoy free access to the LifeBalance Program, which provides several tools and discounts for social and cultural activities. Members of the association are also afforded an opportunity to talk to and network with other members and local judges at the Bench and Bar receptions that the Anchorage Bar Association hosts on a regular basis.

Aside from benefiting the attorneys of Anchorage, the Anchorage Bar Association is also committed to helping the residents of the city. Every year, the Anchorage Bar Association puts together the Race Judicata in order to raise money for the Anchorage Youth Court. Landlords and renters can obtain free legal advice and assistance by visiting one of the landlord-tenant clinics that the Anchorage Bar Association holds on a bimonthly basis.

Contact the Anchorage Bar Association:

Anchorage, AK 99501-0362

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