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Alabama State Bar

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The Alabama State Bar is the licensing and regulatory organization for all attorneys who want to practice law within Alabama. The Alabama State Bar is the largest bar association within the state and was formed in 1923. The association is responsible for publishing The Alabama Lawyer journal and in enforcing the educational and ethical standards of the bar.

Members enjoy numerous benefits through joining the Alabama State Bar including participation in discounted continuing legal education seminars, various committees they can join, online access to the latest legal job posts, and access to the Alabama Judicial System’s E-filing website.

Furthermore, members are invited to various networking events, annual meetings, and monthly committee meetings. Through monthly meetings the various committees discuss upcoming events and pressing legal issues in a specific area of law which the committee is focused on. The Alabama State Bar encourages the formation of different committees to promote a collegial environment between attorneys in the same field of law.

Contact the Alabama State Bar

415 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36104
Phone: 334-269-1515

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