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Arkansas Association of Defense Counsel

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Incorporated in 1982, the Arkansas Association of Defense Counsel (AADC) exists for the benefit of Arkansas lawyers that primarily focus their practices on civil defense litigation. The AADC dedicates itself to furthering the state system of jurisprudence, enhancing the current court rules and laws in relation to civil defense litigation, inform the public on different aspects of civil defense, and establish a sense of community among its members. Only lawyers that have actually been practicing law for more than three years and are predominantly engaged in civil defense litigation in Arkansas may be admitted to membership.

There are several ways in which the AADC keeps its members up to date on the evolving front of civil litigation defense. Every year, members are given the opportunity to connect with one another and be comprehensively informed of the latest developments of the civil defense practice at the annual Arkansas Association of Defense Counsel meeting. Additionally, members are able to stay on top of the newest changes during the interim by checking out the news feeds in the members-only section of the AADC website.

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Russellville, AR 72812

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