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Arkansas Bar Association

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Founded in 1898, the Arkansas Bar Association (ArkBar) exists to support the whole of the Arkansas legal community. Membership to ArkBar is entirely voluntary and open to all licensed attorneys working in the state of Arkansas. Through serving the entire legal community in the state, the Arkansas Bar Association aims to maintain a sense of collegiality among its members, further the administration of justice in the state, and enhance its members’ professional lives.

Members of ArkBar frequently join for the many benefits that they obtain through their membership. Lawyers that are members of the Arkansas Bar Association are able to obtain the useful legal handbooks published by ArkBar each year at a discounted price. The Arkansas Bar Association has numerous sections for several different legal practice areas that allow for members to network and connect with others practicing in the same legal field.

In addition to providing helpful services to its members, the Arkansas Bar Association also gives its members several useful tools to enhance their practices. Attorneys belonging to the Arkansas Bar Association that are in need of continuing legal education credits but are unable to attend relevant classes can earn these credits by watching one of ArkBar’s online continuing legal education seminars. Members in need of more clients are able to advertise their practice in the Arkansas Bar Association’s ARKANSASFINDALAWYER online database.

The Arkansas Bar Association also does a substantial mount of work to help the general public. For Arkansas residents suffering from the ill effects of a natural disaster, ArkBar operates a Disaster Legal Assistance program designed to help these people out with any legal problems that they might have as a direct result of the destruction. The Arkansas Bar Association also helps exposed the state’s high school students to the judicial system through its annual Arkansas High School Mock Trial Program, which allows students from all over the state to assume the role of advocate in a litigation setting.

Contact the Arkansas Bar Association:

2224 Cottondale Lane
Little Rock, AR 72202

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