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Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association

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Founded in 1975, the Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association (APAA) was created primarily for the benefit of the prosecutors employed by government entities in Arkansas. The APAA is focused on furthering the interests of Arkansas’ prosecuting lawyers, acting as a liaison between the prosecutors and various government officials for important matters that affect the field of prosecution, and to encourage the professional development of its members. Additionally, the Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association is committed to informing the general public about some of the biggest criminal problems in Arkansas, including domestic abuse and methamphetamine use, through its educational website “Arkansas Should Know.”

The APAA strives to provide its members with several opportunities and tools to further their professional lives. Members of the Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association are able to stay informed of the latest developments in the state criminal case law by accessing the online case summaries database on the APAA’s website. The Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association also encourages its members to network with and learn from one another by bringing all of its members together at an annual conference.

Contact the Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association:

323 Center St., Suite 750
Little Rock, AR 72118

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