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Benton County Bar Association

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The Benton County Bar Association (BCBA) is dedicated to serving the lawyers working in the northwestern corner of Arkansas. Additionally, the BCBA is committed to being beneficial to the residents of Benton County. A significant way that members of the Benton County Bar Association provide help to local residents is by providing free legal help through the bar association’s pro bono clinic events such as the Serving Our Seniors – Pro Bono Estate Planning workshop.

In addition to improving the local community, the Benton County Bar Association works to benefit its members. Members of the BCBA have the opportunity to get continuing legal education credits at the monthly meetings, which always feature a speaker on a different topic. The Benton County Bar Association also provides its members with a chance to socialize and network with other local attorneys at the annual Morris-Minehart Memorial Golf Tournament.

Contact the Benton County Bar Association:

100 West Main Street
Gentry, AR

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