Pulaski County Bar Association

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Formed in 1950, the Pulaski County Bar Association (PCBA) supports the attorneys of Pulaski County by advancing their professional development, fostering a sense of collegiality among its members, encouraging high standards of ethics and competency among those practicing law in Pulaski County, and continuing the legal education of its members. Although most members live or work in Pulaski County, regular membership for the PCBA is open to all attorneys that are licensed to practice in Arkansas. Additionally, lawyers that are not licensed to practice in Arkansas but are licensed to practice in another state are permitted to become associate members.

Lawyers that belong to the Pulaski County Bar Association enjoy several benefits as a result of their membership. The PCBA helps its members to get new clients through its online directory, where members are able to be listed under different areas of interest in order to help them connect with local residents that are looking for legal representation. Attorneys that are members of the Pulaski County Bar Association enjoy several opportunities to learn from and interact with important people in the local legal community at events such as the annual “A Day With The Judges.”

The PCBA is also committed to benefiting the local residents. Each year, the Pulaski County Bar Foundation gives out several grants to local non-profit organizations and programs that are focused on educating the general public about the legal system. Members of the PCBA also provide free legal advice through the “Ask an Attorney” show as part of the Pulaski County Bar Association’s annual Law Week programming.

Contact the Pulaski County Bar Association:

1201 McMath Avenue, Room 101
Little Rock, AR 72202

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