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W. Harold Flowers Law Society

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Originally named the Wonder State Bar Association, the W. Harold Flowers Law Society was established in 1938 to bring together a like-minded community of African-American lawyers in Arkansas. The law society continues to provide support to Arkansas’ African-American legal community, and it acts as the state’s affiliate for the National Bar Association. Although the W. Harold Flowers Law Society is primarily focused on benefiting African-American attorneys that are licensed to practice in Arkansas, law school students and law school professors are also encouraged to become members.

The W. Harold Flowers Law Society serves its members in numerous ways. Attorneys that belong to the law society enjoy the opportunity to network with one another at the annual meeting. The W. Harold Flowers Law Society encourages its members to become active in the local community by annually awarding the Judge Andree Layton Roaf Award of Excellence to a member that made a significant impact in the local African-American community.

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Little Rock, AR 72216

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