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The State Bar of Arizona is a special administrative arm of the Arizona Supreme Court. The State Bar of Arizona is Arizona’s licensing authority for attorneys, and the de facto statewide bar association. The State Bar of Arizona has existed in its current form (as an integrated mandatory membership organization) in 1933.

Besides licensing, regulating, and disciplining Arizona’s 13,000 active attorneys, the State Bar of Arizona also provides educational and professional development services for lawyers as well as the general public.

They also operate a number of public services. For example, the State Bar helps administer the Wills for Heroes program, which provides free estate planning services to first responders (such as firefighters and police officers) in Arizona.

Additionally, they operate Lawyers on Call, a call-in television program on Phoenix’s Channel 12 KPNX, which airs on the first Tuesday of every month. Callers can have basic legal questions answered for free by a panel of volunteer lawyers.

Contact the Arizona State Bar

4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 200
Phoenix, Arizona 85016-6288
Phone: 602-252-4804 (from within Maricopa County)
866-482-9227 (toll-free outside Maricopa County)
Fax: 602-271-4930

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