Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association

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Los Abogados (Spanish for “Lawyers”) was founded in 1976, with the purposes of enhancing the quality legal services provided to the community, educating the Hispanic community about its rights, legal remedies, and the availability of legal services, and aiding in gathering, exchanging, and disseminating facts and information relating to the business methods within the Hispanic legal profession. Los Abogados is an affiliated member of the Hispanic National Bar Association.

In 1992, Los Abogados led the effort to amend Arizona’s constitution to provide for ethnic, racial, gender, and national diversity as a criterion for merit selection of state judges.

Contact Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association

560 W. Brown Road, 3rd Floor Mesa AZ 85201
Phone: (480)344-4066
Fax: (480)733-3748
Abogados-Leyes.com es un recurso de informaciĆ³n legal para la comunidad de hispanoparlantes.

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