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Founded in 1978 and incorporated in 2003, the Navajo Nation Bar Association (NNBA) exists to regulate the practice of law within the Navajo Nation, to recommend candidates for appointment to the Navajo Nation Supreme Court, and to promote and encourage the highest quality and professionalism in the Navajo Nation and its judicial system, among others.

The Navajo Nation covers almost all of northeastern Arizona, the southeastern portion of Utah, and northwestern New Mexico, making it by far the largest area in the United States under primarily Tribal sovereignty.

As an Indian reservation, it is semi-autonomous, and is not subject to state jurisdiction. They can, however, be regulated by the federal government. But the federal government has taken a largely hands-off approach to Indian tribes in recent years, and refers to them as “domestic dependent nations”. Accordingly, recognized Native American tribes have a great deal of leeway when it comes to making their own laws.

This includes having its own bar association with the authority to regulate the practice of law within the Nation.

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