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Marin County Bar Association

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The Marin County Bar Association has almost 800 members. It seeks to encourage, involve and support the bar association members to serve the public and the Marin County Courts. It also seeks to educate the public about the legal system in Marin County and to enhance the accessibility of the legal system.

The Marin County Bar Association provides many services to the residents of Marin County. It offers an attorney referral service in many areas of law for a fee of $50. It also provides a forum and moderators for any fee disputes between attorney members and their clients. A list of Alternative Disputes Resolution providers is also maintained by the Marin County Bar Association.

The Marin County Bar Association also provides many Continuing Legal Education seminars and classes to its members each month. As licensed attorneys in California, the member lawyers of the Marin County Bar Association are required to take a minimum amount of these classes each year.

Contact the Marin County Bar Association

30 North San Pedro Rd, Suite 140, San Rafael, CA 94903
Tel: (415) 499-1314
Fax: (415) 499-1614

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