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South Bay Bar Association

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The South Bay Bar Association was founded in 1953 and has served the southern bay area of Los Angeles since then. With over 300 active members, this bar association provides many opportunities for these attorneys to educate themselves through a wide variety of legal and social activities.

The South Bay Bar Association operates a lawyer referral service that provides more than 2,000 legal references and referrals each year. In addition, this bar association actively participates in many pro bono legal programs every year that each seek to provide free legal assistance to the needy in the community.

The members of the South Bay Bar Association are not without benefits of their own. The bar association regularly runs Continuing Legal Education classes which are required by the California State Bar. In addition, there are many networking events and opportunities provided to the lawyer members of the South Bay Bar Association.

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Tel: (310) 787-9405
Fax: (310) 787-8405

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