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Founded in 1927, the State Bar of California is the agency that regulates all practicing attorneys in California. It is responsible for admitting as well as disciplining lawyers within the state. With over 222,000 members, 165,000 which actively practice law, this bar association is by far the biggest in the entire country.

Because California unified its bar in 1927, membership with the State Bar of California is mandatory in order to practice law within California. This means that attorneys must take and pass the California Bar Examination, which is administered by the Committee of Bar Examiners, and pay their annual membership fees to the State Bar of California.

The State Bar of California is also responsible for disciplining attorneys who practice within the state. This system is designed to protect the public, the courts and the legal profession from attorneys who violate rules that govern the ethical proceedings of legal practice. Customers who have complaints about their attorneys in California should call the State Bar of California at 1-800-843-9053. The State Bar of California is the only bar association in the country with independent judges dedicated to cases involving attorney discipline.

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San Francisco (Main Office)
180 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
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