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Ventura County Bar Association

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The Ventura County Bar Association is a non-profit organization that currently has over 1200 members. This bar association was established in 1929 and officially incorporated in 1968. In addition, the Ventura County Bar Association also runs a charitable organization, the Volunteer Legal Services Program, which was started in 2001.

The members of the Ventura County Bar Association enjoy many benefits, such as reduced insurance rates and access to many Continuing Legal Education classes. In addition, the members of this bar association are also encouraged to participate in the Volunteer Legal Services Program. This program is designed to provide legal services to indigent and low income families in the area.

The public also gets many benefits from the Ventura County Bar Association. In addition to the Volunteer Legal Services Program, the residents in Ventura County can also take advantage of the Lawyer Referral System that the Ventura County Bar Association has set up. As well, this bar association also helps resolve disputes that arise over fees between attorneys and clients.

Contact the Ventura County Bar Association

4475 Market Street, Suite B, Ventura, CA 93003
Tel: (805) 650-7599
Fax: (805) 650-8059

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