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The Colorado Bar Association was founded in 1897 and has over 18,000 members. Over half of all active Colorado attorneys are a part of the association. The Colorado Bar Association provides different levels of memberships in order to include not only attorneys but also non-lawyers who work within the legal environment. Membership is also provided for law students and organizations that provide services for attorneys.

Furthermore, the Colorado Bar Association has over 27 different types of committees in order to cover the diverse specialties within the law. For example, there is a committee for disability law, environmental law, juvenile law, labor and employment law, taxation law, and water law. Besides providing an avenue to express ideas and talents through specific committees, the Colorado Bar Association also provides several networking events.

Throughout the year the Colorado Bar Association holds events that include casual meetings, such as monthly meetings, to black tie events that honor Judges or lawyers who have served the public and assisted in upholding the administration of justice. There are also social events for young lawyers that are called “beer tasting” events. Although the Colorado Bar Association provides assistance to attorneys through networking, various committees, and continuing legal education the Colorado Bar Association also encourages its members to use their skills to assist the public on a pro bono basis.

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