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Hartford County Bar Association

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The Hartford County Bar Association (HCBA) was formed in 1783 and has members that consist of judges and lawyers. The goals of the Hartford County Bar Association include advancing the science of jurisprudence, upholding the administration of justice, and improving the professional standards of the legal profession. The HBCA continues to strive towards its goals through a vibrant community of members.

The HCBA provides many benefits for its members. Members can participate in several continuing legal education seminars, become involved in community service events, and even have the opportunity to speak and participate in the “Law Talk” radio program. The “Law Talk” radio program has become one of the most recognized programs within the Hartford County legal community.

Contact the Hartford County Bar Association

100 Pearl Street, 4th Floor
Hartford, Connecticut 06103

Phone: 860-525-8106
Fax: 860-293-1345
Email: hcba@hartfordbar.org

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