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Broward County Hispanic Bar Association

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The Broward County Hispanic Bar Association (BCHBA) was formed in 1989 to address the issues facing the Hispanic community within Broward County. The association has grown exponentially over its 23 years in the community. Its membership consists of not only business leaders and educators but also law students and newly admitted lawyers.

Today, the association is growing in diversity and as Broward County has grown so have the services offered by the organization. Staying involved in the community is of utmost importance to the association and thus, it works with Habitat for Humanity to promote local projects. Many attorneys also volunteer to work on several projects pro bono such as the Immigration Clinic Initiative. This involvement with the community allows the BCHBA to communicate, educate, and provide networking opportunities for attorneys within Broward County.

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PO Box 350248 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335

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