Hispanic National Bar Association Region VIII

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The Hispanic National Bar Association (Region VIII) focuses on the issues of the Hispanic community within Florida and it is one of the fastest growing organizations in Florida. The association holds annual and monthly events for its members and promotes the benefits of the legal field to the Hispanic community to encourage more individuals to become involved. Members of the association consist of judges, lawyers, and law students.

The organization provides scholarships and grants to Hispanic individuals in law school. The association also provides testimony before executive agencies, Congress, and state legislatures on issues that affect or concern the Hispanic community. Furthermore, it provides continuing legal education for attorneys and seminars for the exchange of ideas within the legal community.

Contact the Hispanic National Bar Association (Region VIII)

Brickell Bayview Centre, Suite 2310
80 S.W. 8th Street
Miami, Florida 33130
Phone: 786-871-5680
Fax: 786-866-6358

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