Okeechobee Bar Association

The Okeechobee Bar Association is a lively organization filled with various networking and holiday events. The organization sends out monthly newsletters to its members and holds monthly meetings. These meetings address various topics in different fields of law. The purpose of these meetings is not just to educate its members but also to provide a collegial environment in which they can socialize.

LegalMatch is a free online service that helps potential clients connect with qualified Florida attorneys. Traditionally, clients sought attorneys through basic referral resources offered by bar associations. Although these referral resources are still useful for many purposes, LegalMatch provides a streamlined process that is much less time consuming and stressful. LegalMatch currently maintains an extensive database of Florida attorneys representing a diverse range of practice areas.

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The association believes by bringing the legal community together they can address issues that are not only affecting attorneys and judges that have been working for many years, but also those issues that are effecting newly admitted attorneys.

Contact the Okeechobee Bar Association

401 NW 6th Street
Okeechobee, Florida 34972
Phone: 863-763-3825
Email: dhooker@conelyandconely.com