Orange County Bar Association

The Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) is a vibrant and large bar association that boasts over 3,200 members. The OCBA was formed in 1933 for attorneys and judges in the area to meet and exchange information about relevant topics in their area of specialization. The organization has members that have received local, state, and national recognition for their contributions to the legal field throughout their careers.

LegalMatch is a free online service that helps potential clients connect with qualified Florida attorneys. Traditionally, clients sought attorneys through basic referral resources offered by bar associations. Although these referral resources are still useful for many purposes, LegalMatch provides a streamlined process that is much less time consuming and stressful. LegalMatch currently maintains an extensive database of Florida attorneys representing a diverse range of practice areas.

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Not only does the Orange County Bar Association assist those who are in the Orange County area but it also collaborates with attorneys in the Osceola and Seminole counties. This allows a further reach of socializing and networking for members. Membership in the OCBA provides attorneys with continuing legal education, free monthly lunch meetings, and a free monthly magazine.

To help the public, the Orange County Bar Association provides lawyer referral services. Due to its membership of over 3,200 attorneys the association is able to provide referrals to the public in almost any area of law that may be at issue. Having such a strong history and membership has allowed the Orange County Bar Association to develop a long lasting and strong relationship with the public in the Orange County area.

Contact the Orange County Bar Association

880 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407-422-4551
Fax: 407-843-3470