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Tallahassee Bar Association

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The Tallahassee Bar Association (TBA) prides itself with its community involvement. The main focus of the association is to help those who are considering joining the legal profession reach their goals. Members participate in Mock Trial competitions as judges to encourage high school students in joining the legal profession. They also hold pro bono events and reach out to law schools to help incoming law students with preparations for mock trial competitions.

Furthermore, the Tallahassee Bar Association creates a collegial environment for their members by holding monthly events and an annual reception for The Florida Bar Board of Governors. They also hold an annual Christmas party for local foster children by giving away presents. Lastly, the TBA helps the community by giving not only thousands of dollars for the representation of the poor and disadvantaged but also by giving countless hours in pro bono work.

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Post Office Box 813
Tallahassee, FL 32302

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