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Augusta Bar Association

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The Augusta Bar Association is over 100 years old and currently has over 340 members. The Augusta Bar Association’s goals have not changed since its inception in 1895 and this organization still works to ensure member attorneys provide the most ethical and professional service to their community possible. The Augusta Bar Association also seeks to improve their community through a number of public service events.

The Augusta Bar Association offers multiple luncheons, award ceremonies, a member directory, and a holiday party to members. The Augusta Bar Association also donates to multiple charities and even runs their own charitable function known as the Raising the Bar Campaign where member attorneys find a charity they wish to donate time, money, and resources to.

To become a member of the Augusta Bar Association you must be licensed to practice law in Georgia and reside or maintain a practice in the Augusta, Richmond, Columbia, or Burke County Judicial Districts. Potential members must also fill out a short application and pay an annual due.

Contact the Augusta Bar Association

P.O. Box 2426
Augusta, GA 30903-2426
Phone (706) 722-0771

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