Georgia Hispanic Bar Association

The Georgia Hispanic Bar Association (GHBA) promotes diversity in the legal profession and seeks to inform the Hispanic community of their legal rights. Another mission of GHBA is encouraging members of the Hispanic community to enroll and succeed in law school so that the rights of the Hispanic community continue to be protected in the future. is an attorney-client matching service that can quickly connect you with local attorneys in Georgia. Post your case at LegalMatch to resolve your legal issue today.

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Members of GHBA receive the following benefits monthly events which range from social events such as a holiday party, volunteer outreach programs, and professional development programs. The Georgia Hispanic Bar Association also provides a membership directory and has an annual diversity award ceremony.

Membership in the Georgia Hispanic Bar Association is open to law students, lawyers, and other professionals. To become a member you must print out and mail in the application to the Georgia Hispanic Bar Association along with your annual membership fee which ranges from $20 for law students to $65 for attorneys who have been licensed for more than a year.

Contact the Georgia Hispanic Bar Association

PO Box 77205
Atlanta, GA 30357
Phone (404) 688-2600