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State Bar of Georgia

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The State Bar of Georgia was established in 1883, but did not become mandatory for all Georgia Lawyers until 1963. The mission of the State Bar of Georgia is to ensure that lawyers practicing in Georgia maintain the integrity of the legal profession. The Georgia State Bar maintains the integrity of the legal profession by administering the Georgia bar exam and requiring all members of the organization to pass the Georgia bar exam in an effort to ensure the attorneys are competent to practice law. The State Bar of Georgia is also responsible for all attorney discipline in the state and has the power to suspend or permanently disbar attorneys who engage in misconduct.

The State Bar of Georgia operates numerous organizations, hosts social events, publishes newsletters, and offers assistance to those seeking legal assistance in Georgia. One organization run by the State Bar of Georgia is the Military Legal Assistance Program which provides legal assistance to both active and veteran members of the military. The Georgia State Bar also operates the Georgia Legal Services program which seeks to help indigent individuals living in rural areas obtain access to attorneys.

The State Bar of Georgia is very active and hosts an event almost every single day of the year a few of these events include luncheons, school outreach programs, and CLE opportunities. The State Bar of Georgia also maintains legal specialty sections for attorneys to join.

To become a member of the State Bar of Georgia you must attend and graduate from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association and pass the Georgia Bar Exam. Once an attorney in Georgia accomplishes those steps they must comply with the Georgia Continuing Legal Education requirements which comprises of 12 credit hours per year one of which must be on ethics and another hour that must be on professionalism.

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