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Hawaii State Bar Association

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The Hawaii State Bar Association (HSBA) is the largest bar association in Hawaii. The bar association was incorporated in 1985 and since November 1989 every attorney in Hawaii is required to join the HSBA. The association provides several benefits for its members.

The Hawaii State Bar Association has over 15 different committees and 19 sections that focus on different major interests of members and their respective specializations. They are encouraged to plan, organize, and execute events that are specific to their committee. For example, a committee on criminal law is encouraged to find speakers to inform members of recently passed legislation and court cases in that field of law.

Contact the Hawaii State Bar Association

1100 Alakea Street, Suite 1000
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone: 808-537-1868
Fax: 808-521-7936
Email: webinfo@hsba.org

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