Dubuque County Bar Association

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The Dubuque County Bar Association (DCBA) exists to provide aid to the legal community that works and lives in Iowa. The main goals of the DCBA are to further the education and professional development of its members, encourage a sense of community among the attorneys in the county, and maintain a high level of professionalism within the local legal community. In order to effectively direct its efforts to Dubuque County’s legal community, the Dubuque County Bar Association limits its membership to only lawyers that work or live in the county.

Dubuque County lawyers regularly join the DCBA for the many benefits that membership confers. Attorneys belonging to the Dubuque County Bar Association are afforded a chance to network with one another at the monthly meetings and the annual holiday party. The DCBA assists its members in acquiring new clients by allowing them to be listed in the member directory on its website.

In addition to benefiting its members, the Dubuque County Bar Association is committed to helping local residents. Each month, the Young Lawyers Division of the DCBA engages in community service activities, such as cleaning up a local park. The general public is able to stay informed of the actions of local courts by looking up the daily docket for the local courts that the Dubuque County Bar Association posts on its website.

Contact the Dubuque County Bar Association:

151 W 8th St
Dubuque, IA 52001

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