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Iowa Association for Justice

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Established in 1973, the Iowa Association for Justice (IAJ) was created to provide support to the attorneys that primarily focus on the plaintiff’s side of civil litigation. Therefore, the IAJ expressly bars Iowa lawyers that are heavily involved in defense work for the legal practice areas of personal injury and worker’s compensation from becoming regular members. However, these attorneys may still join the Iowa Association for Justice as associate members.

There are a number of beneficial events that the IAJ hosts for its members. Attorneys belonging to the Iowa Association for Justice that want to expand their legal knowledge of different areas of civil litigation have a chance to do so by attending one of the continuing legal education courses that the IAJ hosts for its members throughout the year. Members of the Iowa Association for Justice are given an opportunity to network with one another at the many social events that the IAJ regularly puts together, such as a yearly golf tournament and an annual convention.

Additionally, the Iowa Association for Justice provides several tools to assist its members in their practice of law in Iowa. Lawyers that are members of the IAJ can reach out to other members with practice and legal questions through the Iowa Association for Justice’s listservs for different practice areas. Members of the IAJ that are in need of an expert witness for an upcoming trial are able to utilize the Iowa Association for Justice’s expert witness bank, which contains over 900 expert witnesses.

The IAJ also strives to benefit the general public through a variety of efforts. Each year, members of the Iowa Association for Justice help build houses as part of its Justice In Deed program. Another way that the IAJ reaches out to local residents is by awarding scholarships for higher education to families that have been negatively impacted by a workplace injury.

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505 Fifth Avenue, Suite 630
Des Moines, IA 50309

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