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Created in 1874, the Iowa State Bar Association (ISBA) is the oldest voluntary state bar association in the United States. Since the ISBA is an entirely voluntary bar association for the state, all lawyers that are licensed to practice in Iowa are permitted to join. The Iowa State Bar Association also encourages newly licensed attorneys to join by offering a free year of membership to them.

There are a variety of ways that the ISBA keeps its members connected with one another. Members practicing in a certain area of law can network with others working in that same area through the Iowa State Bar Association practice groups. The ISBA ensures that its members stay informed of the bar association’s activities and important news by sending them the Iowa Lawyer Weekly newsletter.

The Iowa State Bar Association also provides several tools to its members to help them grow professionally. Lawyers belonging to the ISBA are able to use discounts for numerous professional services, such as car rentals and conference calling. The ISBA also helps its members find employment through its online career center.

In addition to helping out its members in many different ways, the Iowa State Bar Association also strives to be beneficial to the public. Iowa residents that want to learn more about their legal rights regularly read the consumer pamphlets that the ISBA makes available on its website. The Iowa State Bar Association also educates the general public about various areas of law through its podcast, Iowa Lawdio.

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