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Idaho Municipal Attorneys Inc.

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Initially established in 1975 as the Association of Idaho City Attorneys, the Idaho Municipal Attorneys Inc. (IMA) was renamed and formally incorporated in 1997. The IMA supports the municipal lawyers of Idaho by representing their interests to the state legislature, furthering the legal education and the professional development of its members, and fostering fraternization among its members. Membership is restricted to lawyers that regularly provide legal services to municipalities in Idaho.

The Idaho Municipal Attorneys Inc. offers aid to its members in a number of different ways. Lawyers belonging to the IMA receive access to a valuable online resource of legal motions and briefs filed by other members. For members that cannot attend a specific continuing legal education event, the IMA makes the presentation papers available on its website.

Contact the Idaho Municipal Attorneys Inc.:

3100 S Vista Ave., Suite 310
Boise, ID 83705-7335

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