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Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association

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The Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association (IPAA) was formed to assist the prosecuting lawyers serving in Idaho’s legal system. The IPAA strives to advance the professional development of its members, enhance the cooperation and communication among its members and the large criminal legal community in Idaho, and represent the interests of its members both to the state’s legislative bodies and to the general public. In addition to serving the professional interests of criminal prosecutors, the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association also opens membership to tribal attorneys, municipal attorneys, United States attorneys, and the Attorneys General of Idaho.

There are a variety of ways in which the IPAA benefits its members in a professional sense. The Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association keeps its members informed of the newest developments in the area of traffic law through its quarterly For The Road newsletter. Members of the IPAA are able to further their legal education by attending the educational seminars that the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association hosts as part of its semiannual conference.

The IPAA is also committed to proving law-related assistance to the general public. Residents of Idaho can stay informed of the latest developments in the statewide criminal justice system by reviewing the news page on the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association’s website. Also on its website, the IPAA provides several links to many state and national organizations involved in prosecuting significant criminal cases.

Contact the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association:

417 S. 6th Street
Boise, ID 83702

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