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Idaho State Bar

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Established in 1923, the Idaho State Bar (ISB) was created by the Idaho state legislature to serve as the mandatory bar association for Idaho. All lawyers licensed to practice in Idaho must belong to the ISB. Thus, the Idaho State Bar serves the whole of Idaho’s legal community.

The Idaho State Bar focuses on regulating the practice of law in the state. In this regard, ISB handles issues concerning professional misconduct by attorneys and oversees fee dispute arbitration. Additionally, the ISB is in charge of administering the Idaho Bar Exam, giving it control over who becomes a licensed attorney in Idaho.

For as much as the Idaho State Bar keeps the state’s legal community in check, it also provides several helpful services to its members. Attorneys who seek to become local community leaders are encouraged to participate in the Idaho Academy of Leadership. Membership in the Idaho State Bar also affords members several discounts with major companies, including Brooks Brothers, Hertz, and Local Hospitality.

In addition to providing its members with a range of resources, ISB also hosts several events throughout the year for the statewide legal community. The largest of these events is the annual Idaho State Bar meeting, where members have a chance to attend several continuing legal education classes and network at a variety of events honoring Idaho’s legal professionals. Each month, the IBS also hosts smaller, more specialized events, such as continuing legal education seminars.

The Idaho State Bar holds a fundamental commitment to assisting the general public residing in the state. For example, local voters can find helpful information regarding candidates for Idaho’s judicial elections.. Low-income Idaho residents are able to obtain free legal assistance through the Idaho State Bar’s Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program.

Contact the Idaho State Bar:

PO Box 895 Boise, ID 83701

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