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Idaho Women Lawyers

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Established in 1986, the Idaho Women Lawyers (IWL) focuses on providing aid to all female attorneys licensed to practice in Idaho. To this end, IWL’s main goals are to improve women’s role in the legal profession, further the civil rights for women in Idaho, and encourage a sense of community among its members. Not only is membership open to lawyers, it is also open to paralegals and law students.

The Idaho Women Lawyers offers a variety of professional benefits to its members. For example, members without much legal experience can take advantage of the organization’s mentoring program. Attorneys belonging to IWL are also able to advance their careers by attending various informative events, including the Lunch and Learn. Seminars hosted by the IWL cover a range of topics, such as lessons on starting a small business.

The Idaho Women Lawyers is also committed to benefiting the general public. Members of IWL regularly volunteer their time and energy at various charities in Idaho, such as serving meals at local Ronald McDonald Houses. The organization’s Health and Wellness Committee stays active by spearheading fundraising programs for local nonprofits.

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Boise, ID 83701-1984

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