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Arab-American Bar Association of Illinois

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The Arab-American Bar Association is one of the smaller bar associations in Illinois. Currently, there are approximately 100 members in the organization. Despite its size, professionals enrolled in the association come from a vast array of legal and cultural backgrounds.’ The Arab American Bar Association of Illinois is a professional association of attorneys dedicated to the rule of law, equal justice, fellowship, legal education, and community service.

The Arab-American Bar Association has a lawyer referral program that lists its active attorney members and their specialties. The public can peruse the list on the association’s website or call for more information. For aspiring lawyers and law students, the association also provides a directory of Illinois law schools and legal associations.

The Arab-American Bar Association accepts any admitted attorney in good standing before the Supreme Court of Illinois. Membership dues are $100.00 per year.

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P.O. Box 2462, Chicago, IL 60690

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