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Champaign County Bar Association

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Despite its name, the Champaign County Bar Association accepts Illinois attorneys from all over the state. However, most of its members practice within Champaign. The bar association seeks to provide a network for lawyers in Champaign, as well as connect clients seeking local representation with the right attorney. Its goals also include promoting public service and fairness in the legal industry and providing continuing legal education for its members.

The Champaign County Bar Association’s website provides a list of its current attorney members. The public can browse or download entire referral list. In additional, the website also has a Frequently Asked Questions section that answers many common legal questions.

In addition to the referral and networking benefits, members of Champaign County Bar Association receive also access to a number of online Illinois legal resources.

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P.0. Box 265, Urbana, IL 61803-0265

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