Decatur Bar Association

The Decatur Bar Association is dedicated to serving the needs of its membership and Macon County residents. While it keeps a relatively minimal online presence, the services it offers are nonetheless useful. Those looking for a lawyer in their area can browse the bar association public membership profiles. They�ll be able to find pertinent information about their potential attorney, such the lawyer�s practice area and where they went to school.� In addition, the bar association�s website also provides a number of useful links to Illinois laws, courthouses, and legal research resources.

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Members of the Decatur Bar Association receive access to the bar association�s newsletter. They are also listed in its online membership directory. They can browse the bar association�s online library of legal articles.

Contact the Decatur Bar Association

P.O. Box 1400, Decatur, IL 62525

Tel: (217) 429-4325

Fax: (217) 425-6313