DuPage County Bar Association

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Founded in 1879, the DuPage County Bar Association (DCBA) has sought to advance its goal of elevating the practice of law by engaging in community service and legal education. It’s one of the largest county bar associations in Illinois with approximately 2,600 members. It also holds the honor of operating one of the longest running public lawyer referral services in the county, which first started in 1974.

Those looking for a local Illinois attorney can benefit a lot from the DuPage County Bar Association. Its attorney referral service provides over 8,000 referrals each year. The DCBA also operates the DuPage Legal Aid Service, which offers free telephone screenings and legal representation for those with great financial need. Its website also has a number of free online legal self-help resources for the public. The bar association even hosts online and live driving school courses.

In addition to referral benefits, members of the DuPage County Bar Association receive access to its publication, DCBA Brief Magazine. The bar association also holds regular CLE and networking events. In addition, members can also post and search for job opportunities and even office space via the bar association’s online classified section.

Contact the DuPage County Bar Association

126 South County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL 60187

Tel: (630) 653-7779

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