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Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois

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The Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois (HLAI) was established in 1995. However its roots in the Latin American legal community stretch back to 1970. The bar association was formed through the union of two prominent Illinois bar associations, the Latin American Bar Association and the Mexican American Lawyers Association. Today, the bar association continues to pursue its mission of promoting integrity, competency, and professionalism among Hispanic attorneys, as well as preserving the cultural identity and interests of the Hispanic community.

Those looking for bilingual attorneys can find one through the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois’ lawyer referral service. The HLAI also runs a number of charitable services for the public, including college and law school scholarships.

Members of the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois are listed in its public membership directory and client referral network. The bar association also offers many pro bono opportunities for lawyers looking to give back to the Latin American community and gain valuable professional experience at the same time.’ HLAI members can also join the bar association’s many committees and receive access to a number of interesting professional and social events throughout the year, including trips to Mexico and charity nights.

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321 South Plymouth Court, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60604

Tel: (312) 554-2045

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