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Illinois Creditors Bar Association

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The Illinois Creditors Bar Association (ILCBA) is the largest state based creditor’s bar association in the United States. It’s also one of the newest bar associations, having formed in 1995. There are over 230 members in its ranks. The ILCBA remains committed to its goals of promoting and advancing the rights of creditors, legal ethics, justice, and positive legal reform for creditors.

The public can search for Illinois Creditors Bar Association member attorneys through its online search form. Because the bar association specializes in creditor rights laws, the search function also categorizes attorneys by the specific subset industries. For instance, those looking for medical billing lawyers can sort their results for this exact group, and so forth. The bar association also hosts financial literacy events for the public.

The Illinois Creditors Bar Association has been an accredited Minimum Continuing Legal Education Provider since 2007. As such, the ILCBA offers a wide assortment of CLE courses for its members. Members can also choose to be listed in the bar association’s online attorney referral directory. They can also volunteer to be presenters for its financial literacy seminars for the public.

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400 E. Randolph Street, #3725, Chicago, IL 60601

Tel: (888) 684-4222

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