Illinois Government Bar Association

Founded in 1987, the Illinois Government Bar Association (ILGBA) was created to serve the needs of Illinois lawyers working in the state�s public sector. It accomplished this by acting as a professional network for its members, giving them a way to easily connect and learn from each other.

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While the Illinois Government Bar Association is primarily concerned with the interests of its members, the public can access the bar�s association�s online membership directory. The bar association also offers a scholarship to Illinois law students interested in government service.

Illinois Government Bar Association members are automatically listed in the bar association�s online database. They also receive access to networking events and the bar association�s newsletter. ILGBA members can also participate in the bar association�s governance by running for office and recruiting and reviewing new membership applications.

Contact the Illinois Government Bar Association

P.O. Box 1976, Springfield, IL 62705-1976