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Illinois Public Defender Association

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Officially incorporated in 1969, the Illinois Public Defender Association seeks to promote education, exchange of ideas, and camaraderie among the state’s noble public defenders. Its membership spans through all of Illinois’ 102 counties, making it one of the largest non-profit public defender bar association in the country.

The work done by the Illinois Public Defender Association for the state’s citizenry is invaluable. The bar association’s workshops and training has helped to elevate the level of representation given by its members to the public. In addition, the bar association continues to work with state legislators to create more defendant-friendly laws.

Because the Illinois Public Defender Association does not have an employed staff, its members have access to a vast assortment of experience-building opportunities. They can volunteer to work with the legislature and other bar associations to review and suggest new bills and amendments. Members also receive access to the bar association’s training seminars and its large online legal articles database.

Contact the Illinois Public Defender Association

400 W. Monroe, Suite 202, P.O. Box 5240, Springfield, IL 62705-5240

Tel: (217) 782-7203

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