Illinois Trial Lawyers Association

Established in 1952, the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ILTLA) was formed to serve the interests of the state�s employment and personal injury lawyers and plaintiffs. Today, the bar association has over 2,000 members. But despite its size, it continues to strive to uphold the constitutions of Illinois and the United States by educating its members in the art of advocacy and legal ethics.

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The public can access a number of free legal self-help resources through the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association�s website. These guides cover a range of topics, such as medical malpractice and defective product liability. In addition, the ILTLA also aides plaintiffs by campaigning for positive state legislative reform in the areas of personal injury and employment rights actions.

Illinois Trial Lawyers Association members can enjoy access to a number of bar association-sponsored online and live CLE seminars. The bar association also hosts an assortment of professional and social networking events throughout the year, including annual banquet dinners and golf outings.

Contact the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association

401 W. Edwards St., P.O. Box 5000, Springfield, IL 62704

Tel: (217) 252-8501

Fax: (217) 789-0810