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Kane County Bar Association

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There are some accounts that suggest the Kane County Bar Association may be one of the oldest bar associations in Illinois. The earliest record of this bar association’s official founding state it was founded in 1858. At the time there were only 32 lawyers and 4 law students in its ranks. Today the bar association’s membership has grown to about 1,100 in size. The bar association focus of provide educational, social, and professional opportunities to its members.

The Kane County Bar Association also offers a number of public services. Every second Saturday of the month the bar association opens its phone lines for an ‘Ask A Lawyer Day’ in which it members give free legal consultations to any who call in. Live consultation events are held, as well. The public can also search for member attorneys through the bar association’s referral database.’ The bar association also regularly sends it members to local middle and high schools to teach basic legal information to students, in addition to other community service efforts.

Members of the Kane County Bar Association receive access to over 30 MCLE courses annually. They’ll also be listed in its lawyer referral database. In addition, members also get a free subscription to the bar association’s monthly newsletter ‘Bar Briefs,’ as well its attorney mentorship program, social events, committees, and community service activities.

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555 S. Randall Road, Suite 205, St. Charles, IL 60174

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