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Kankakee County Bar Association

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The Kankakee County Bar Association (KCBA) has deep roots in Illinois. Formed in the 1880s, the bar association has positioned itself as an organization dedicated to promoting camaraderie and collegiality among its membership. While it doesn’t have an official office space, the bar association continues to make a positive impact in both the legal and public sectors through community service and professional mentorship.

Kankakee County residents in need of a local attorney can find one through the Kankakee County Bar Association membership list. The bar association’s website also contains helpful links to numerous legal self-help guides, as well as a free referrals to a wide variety of legal service networks.

In addition to being listed in its lawyer referral database, Kankakee County Bar Association members get access to many other benefits. The bar association holds regular CLE courses, career services and networking events. It also provides numerous pro bono opportunities throughout the year.

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Website: http://www.kankakeecountybarassociation.org/

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