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Knox County Bar Association

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Since its inception, the Knox County Bar Association’s (KCBA) goals has been twofold: to foster relationships between Illinois attorneys and to serve the community. While seemingly simple in nature, executing such tasks is a lofty endeavor. However, that hasn’t stopped this bar association from continuing to pursue its noble purposes.

The Knox County Bar Association makes its membership directory publicly available online. Those looking for a local lawyer can browse the list to find the right legal specialist for their issue. The bar association’s website also contains active news feed displaying the latest local headlines.

The Knox County Bar Association encourages all licensed attorneys in good standing in Illinois to join its ranks. In addition to being listed in the bar association’s online membership database, members are invited to a number of networking events throughout the year. Furthermore, lawyers over age 70 who have been with the bar association for 25 years are also exempt from paying membership dues.

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