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Lake County Bar Association

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There are more than 850 members in the Lake County Bar Association. The bar association formed to further the standards of excellence in the legal professional, as well as foster positive legislative reform and increase access to the justice system for Lake County residents.

While the Lake County Bar Association generally targets its services to local residents, its lawyer referral database is open to the entire public. The bar association provides free foreclosure helpdesk counseling every Thursday and Friday.’ Its website also contains a wide assortment of self-help resources spanning everything from foreclosure guides to judicial selection ratings.

Lake County Bar Association members are listed in the bar association’s attorney referral database. They can also join one of the many standing committees and even write for the bar association’s publication ‘The Docket.’ The bar association also has plentiful pro bono opportunities, networking events, and even a lawyer mentorship program available for members.

Contact the Lake County Bar Association

300 Grand Avenue, Suite A, Waukegan, IL 60085

Tel: (847) 244-3143

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