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Peoria County Bar Association

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Founded in 1879, the Peoria County Bar Association is not only one of the oldest bar association in the state, it’s also the largest regional bar association in downstate Illinois. The bar association also boast a large and diverse membership roster. It remains committed to its goals of legal reform, fair administration of justice, elevating the legal profession, and creating a sense of kinship among its members.

The public can search for a local attorney through the Peoria County Bar Association’s website or through its lawyer referral service. Its membership database is publicly accessible online. In addition, the bar association’s website also contains useful links to local, state, and federal court houses and government lawyer agencies.

Members receive a number of benefits for joining the Peoria County Bar Association, including being listed in its lawyer referral database. Members can attend CLE seminars throughout the year and purchase CLE materials via the bar association’s online store. They also get access to the bar association’s newsletter, LegalEase, as well as admittance to a hosts of networking events.

Contact the Peoria County Bar Association

110 SW Jefferson Avenue, Suite 520, Peoria, IL 61602

Tel: (309) 674-6049

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