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Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois

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The Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois was founded in 1994 to address issues affecting the Latino attorney and the Latino community in Illinois. One of the bar association’s primary goals is to increase diversity in the Illinois bar, law schools, and the judiciary.


The Puerto Rican Bar Association makes its membership directory publicly searchable online, so those looking for an attorney can easily find one through its network. The bar association also hosts a number of community events and services aimed toward the Puerto Rican and Latino communities. Some of the events include high school mock trials, middle school motivational lectures, Christmas gift drives, and free legal clinics.


Members of Puerto Rican Bar Association can participate in any of the community service events listed above. In addition to being listed in the bar association’s membership directory, members can give their insights on judges for judicial evaluations done in collaboration with other Illinois bar associations. The bar association also holds regular community social gatherings.

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2332 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Suite 104, Chicago, IL 60647


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