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Sangamon County Bar Association

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With a history that spans as far back as the early 1920s, the Sangamon County Bar Association (SCBA) is one of the largest bar associations in Illinois. Its substantial membership works to further the bar association’s goals of promoting public service, elevating the legal profession, and serving the residents of Sangamon County.

The public can browse the Sangamon County Bar Association’s expansive membership list online for a potential attorney. The bar association’s website also contains links to local public legal services and publications.

Members who join the Sangamon County Bar Association are listed in its lawyer referral database. SCBA members also benefit from access to a number of social events, such as annual dinners and day hikes. Because of the bar association’s diverse membership, those who attend such events will be able to meet a wide cross section of the legal community, including corporate counsels, judges, law professors, and government lawyers.

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P.O. Box 5448, Springfield, IL 662705

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